From: Sana Sabir
Sent: Wednesday, July 3, 2019 2:16:37 PM
Subject: OFSTED Parent Feedback – Zayaan Hassan
Good Afternoon
I am excited for Marish Primary for having their inspection, (although its an intense experience). 
It is evident that the school and children all commit to working and delivering OuTSTaNDInG standards, which they have embedded in practice and discipline across the board.
I would like to give a particular mention to Mrs Mustafa (1M) and her class team, who have consistently been pushing my son Zayaan Hassan with his learning. 
Mrs Mustafa’s dedication towards her students is evident through the progress my son has made through year 1. She is consistent with her expectations from parents and her student. I appreciate that Mrs Mustafa gives a true reflection of my sons current levels and guides me as a parent as to what my role will be to support him further. This way we both share the vision for Zayaans academic success and where we want him to be. 
Zayaan has become very confident with his learning and is proud of himself and his progress. Zayaans positive year 1 experience has made him very excited about his transition in to year 2 and already his SATs next year.
Marish School deserves OUTSTANDING IN ALL ASPECTS!! 
Good Luck to you all!!!
Best Wishes
Sanaa Sabir
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