A quote from our Community Governor after tour of the school:
Firstly thanks a ton, for taking time off your extremely busy workload, and giving me the tour of the school this morning.
It was an absolute pleasure, to see the school “in action”, and I wish I had done it before.  The passion with which you had shown me around, in  itself, is a testament to the effort and energy that you (and all DHTs) put in doing a thankless job seem so effortless.  This also most definitely, has trickled down to all teacher/staff in the school. 
It is clearly visible not only in people within the school, but someone like me who is on “the outside, peeking inwards” Please pass on my kudos to all the staff.
I will be surely making more visits, and would love to take a science/ maths workshop or some presentation on some exciting topics related sometimes
From my perspective it was a big learning, and to put  “concepts” and “phrases” used in our discussions, to see them “in action” and in person.  
Well done , Keep it up and good luck
Dr.Avijit Kelkar 
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