Attention and Listening: Bucket Time


How do we meet the needs of young children with a diagnosis of ASD or with social communication difficulties?

The attention and listening programme is a devised programme to support children with difficulties in their attention and listening skills.

Attention Autism strategies can help us start at the attention level pupils are at and help them to build upon it.

‘Attention Autism’ was developed by specialist Speech and Language therapist, Gina Davies

Stage 1: The Bucket -Focus

Children to focus on ‘What’s in the bucket?’ for a sustained amount of time. Lead adult is the only person to interact with bucket items. We make our bucket items FUN.

Stage 2: The attention builder – Sustain

Pupils develop longer and sustained attention skills.

Stage 3: The interactive game – Shift

Now it’s time for the children to get involved.

Turn-taking games: pupils learn to shift attention.

Stage 4: The table activities –transition

Now it’s time for the children to take activities to the table. Pupils focus, sustain, shift attention, transition and then refocus.

We make the activities…


A shared experience.

Worth communicating about.

Is it worth the effort for the child?

Adults always model first to show was is expected.

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