Autumn 2015


Art & Craft Club


Club leaders: Mrs Selvaratnam & Mrs Gurleen Handa

Our Art and Craft club inspires children’s imaginations, confidence and creativity skills.

Activities include sketching, colouring, painting, designing, thinking, sticking and cutting. Safety is our priority and we teach them how to handle and use equipment carefully.

We choose age appropriate activities themed by nature, seasons and occasions.

Children said that:

  •       They had lots of fun and enjoyed colouring and making different things.
  •       They learnt to make various craft things.


art and craft

Art & Craft Club (Yr 2 & 3 children)



art and craft1

Art & Craft Club (Yr 2 & 3 children)

art and craft2

Art & Craft Club (Yr 2 & 3 children)

french club

Club leader: Mrs.Leyya Djoma & Mrs.Daud

The French Club at Marish Primary School is an exciting and lively club where children have the opportunity to learn the French language.

French is among the most widely-spoken modern languages in the world, with over 120 million speakers worldwide.

Our French Club is packed with various activities such as singing, colouring, acting, playing quizzes… which make learning an active and fun time for children.

french club

French club with Mrs. Djoma

street dance

Club leader: Miss Hannah Calton

street dance

Children learn new routines in Street dance every term


Club Leader: Gareth Evans

Footiebugs is a football based activity programme for children aged 3 to 11 years.

The activities are designed age appropriately offering a clear step by step programme that can be accessed by all. They ensure that children enhance their core skills by playing and learning together with their peers. Together, this encourages children to maximise their knowledge and understanding, their eagerness to participate and be part of a team and above all enables children to develop to their full potential.

All Footiebugs coaches are at a minimum of FA Level 1 Qualification








art club

Club leaders: Mr Ben Wingrove, Miss Paris Barton

Art Club at Marish engages children in a number of ways. It encourages focus and creates an eye for detail through drawing techniques. It encourages problem solving through modelling, it encourages creativity through storytelling and it encourages teamwork through puppetry. Art Club encourages the children to think for themselves to create something unique and gives them the confidence to explore the world through different lenses. It provides them experiences with different mediums and ideas which they can use transfer to their other school work.

art club

Art club

art club1

Art club

art club2

Art club

art club3

Art club


Club leader: Miss Belinda Shepherd

ICT Club is a fun club where the children have fun playing games with their friends, doing their homework and developing their social and ICT skills.

What children like about ICT club

Zachary Shai 5C

There are loads of seats to sit with your friends and the games are fun

Billy Blackman 5C

There are lots of interesting websites

Arsalan Khan 6B

You can play different games with your friends

David Cook  5C

I like the nice teachers

 Dominic Botha 5P

ICT club is the best club ever

Abdullah  Maneer  5E

ICT Club is a fun club

Ava Fenner 5C

I like it that you get to play your own games

Mansoor Rasheed 6SC

I like it because you can play games

Ella Atkinson 6P

ICT club is fun and has a nice teacher like Miss Shepherd a lovely supportive teacher.

Shedel Gyamfi 6D

ICT club is the best club ever because you get to make alot of new friends and has a very friendly teacher.

Myeisha Dawkins 5E

It’s fun and better than just staying at home and waiting to go to school

ict club

ICT club

ict club1

ICT club

ict club2

ICT club


Multi Sports – Children have learned new sports like Dodgeball, Benchball, and Handball and also created new rules to develop games and make them more fun.

Tag Rugby – Children have learned how to keep balanced while running and avoiding being tagged. Also all the players have improved their catching and throwing skills.

Rounders – Children have learned new tactics and how to work better as a team during the game whilst playing a new version called Rainbow Rounders

Cricket – Children have learned how to bowl and how to bat by using new skills to improve their hand /eye coordination.

Football – Children have learned new skills like running with the ball, passing and receiving, turning, shooting and dribbling.


Little Tanks

Little Tanks is a fun after school drama club that aims to build confidence within the children for them to use the skills they develop in their day to day routine. Each session the tutor will carry out activities that will help encourage the children’s confidence as well as working towards a small scale production at the end of the term.

During the last session we like to invite family and friends to see what the children have been doing during the term in the form of a show and we provide props, costumes and music. We also have a presentation at the end where each child will get a treat and two children will be awarded a Little Tanks prize for gaining the most confidence during the term.


Impact on the children’s learning life

Over the past 15 years that Little Tanks has been running we have seen a huge development in the children’s learning and growth in confidence. We have received comments from staff and parents informing us of not only how much children are enjoying the weekly session but also the impact it is having on their everyday life. The confidence that the children are gaining in the sessions is being transferred to their ability to put their hand up in class, talk in front of peers and speak clearly to adults.


Here are some comments to support this:

Once again, thank you very much. I like your understanding and flexible approach. Mia has been doing Little Tanks since the very beginning and she looks forward to it each week, that says a lot about your after school club. A pat on the back!”


“As I have mentioned in my previous e-mail Megan has in the past struggled with confidence and being able to manage her feelings of anxiety in similar situations which has meant she has pulled out of other ‘clubs’.

I did hope that drama would help with confidence but was still nervous about it!

It appears I needn’t have been. Shani does a brilliant job and is a great tutor and the show yesterday made that apparent, not to mention Megan’s smiles throughout!”


Here are some quotes from the pupils too:


“I like to act”

“I like the teachers”

“It’s fun and the acting is great”

“The Buzzy Bee’s game is my favourite”

“I like doing the ‘Funky Chicken’ activity”

“It engages me and my friends”

“I like the drama as it gets me in the mood for fun and communication”



Spring 2016


Judo Club


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