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from the Executive Headteacher

Plans for the start of term at Marish and Willow Primary Schools

Dear Parents and carers,


                                              We are delighted to welcome all children back to school next week on Monday 8th March, at the usual times. Whilst we are keen to get on with teaching and learning and ensuring that your children are provided with the best education possible, we do still need to adhere to government guidance including social distancing rules and infection control procedures.

So, please use the one-way system to come onto the premises, at drop off and collection times remaining socially distanced as well as wearing a mask if you are able to. The pick up and drop off points for each year group remain the same as during the autumn term. Please remember to walk if you can, park considerately if you cannot, to stay 2m apart from other adults on the playground and to leave the premises as quickly as possible after pick up or drop off. If you need to speak to a staff member please contact reception and someone will phone you back.

We are also aware that some children have had a bit of a growth spurt during their time away and it will have been difficult to purchase new uniform or shoes in time for school re opening. Please do not let this deter you from sending your child to school! In the light of current shopping restrictions, no child will be told off for not having a totally perfect uniform, because their shoes are broken or their jumper too small. However, after the Easter holidays, when the shops are open again, we expect everyone to wear full uniform with pride. If your family is experiencing financial hardship please contact a staff member whom you trust and explain your situation.



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