Year 6 have been studying arguments in literacy these last few weeks and they are becoming very skilled in making an opinion of their own and providing reasons for their argument. They have started to debate whether graffiti is positive or negative and provide reasons for both sides of the argument. In this lesson, they worked really well in groups to create a mind map of the negative elements of graffiti. Great group work year 6!

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Wow! Some of the homework that has been completed in the learning journals so far has been excellent! Lots of children in 6AG have got the extra mile to include detailed and creative writing, drawings, stick in features and photographs. Mrs Abell has been very impressed with some of it. Here are a few examples of great homework. There is Anneka’s Halloween recount, Natalie’s car tally, Manvir’s explanation on Diwali and Molly’s excellent pieces on PGL and visiting Windsor! Great work guys.

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Year 6 have been studying 3D shapes in maths and they even got to make some. Many children made cubes, and square based pyramids and some pupils, like Amrit challenged themselves further to make an icosahedron, which is a shape with 20 faces! Did you know that an icosahedron is made up of equilateral triangles? Why don’t you have a go at making some 3D shapes yourself?

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Year 6 carried out an investigation to see if they could make two different cylinders from a4 card. One cylinder was made from a4 card that had been folded vertically and the second was made from a4 card that was folded horizontally. The children secured their cylinders and then started to investigate which had the largest volume. They did this by measuring how much sand each one could hold. To prove their results, year 6 then worked out the volume of a cylinder by fining the area of the circular base and then multiplying this by the cylinder height. The pupils loved doing this activity – what a fun and exciting way to apply maths skills.

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