Executive Headteacher

[tmm name=”executive-headteacher”]

Deputy Headteacher

[tmm name=”deputy-headteacher”]

Foundation Team

[tmm name=”foundation-team”]

Year 1 and 2 PHASE Team

[tmm name=”year1-2-phase-team”]

Year 3 and 4 PHASE Team

 [tmm name=”year-3-4-phase-team”]

Year 5 and 6 PHASE Team

 [tmm name=”year-5-6-phase-team”]

Nurture Group

 [tmm name=”nurture-group”]

Resource Base

 [tmm name=”resource-base”]

PPA and additional Support Staff

 [tmm name=”ppa-additional-support-staff”]

Administration Staff

 [tmm name=”administration-staff”]

Lunch Time Activity Champions

 [tmm name=”lunch-time-activity-champions”]