Year 4 Viking trip 2018

Children from Year 4 visited Butser Ancient Farm in Chalton before half term, as part of their Viking unit. This trip allowed the children to make links with their learning and real-life experience of exploring more about Viking settlements. Children got an opportunity to learn about fundamental elements of the Viking settlements and the way they lived.  

The visit began with an introductory talk and discussion around the fire in one of their period-specific houses. Once this had finished, the children took part in various Viking related activities. These included:

Wattling – Pupils learnt how to weave a demonstration fence with hazel rods up to 4m long, holding and manipulating the wood safely.

Cordage – The children were shown how to make strong cord from natural materials. This led to them making a bracelet which they were able to take home.

Archaeology – Using the sites demonstration archaeological pits, the children got hands-on and experienced what field archaeologists do, digging in pits. Many discoveries were made with the children using their powers of deduction and reasoning to help place their finds within an archaeological context.

Chalk Carving – Pupils carved their initials on a lump of chalk with a sharpened flint, just as prehistoric people did. All of the finished pieces were then taken home.

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