Year 5 2015/2016

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Amazing Urenco Science Workshops.

Science workshop quotes:
Hirra – I enjoyed the part when we were using the pallets and adding the chemicals so that the liquids changed colour.
Hishetha – I enjoyed doing experiments and learning about chemicals. It was fun and exiting. We were taught about atoms and were shown different objects.
Jaleel – I enjoyed when we all had to mix are chemicals onto the paper and it made a beautiful picture. On our pieces of paper it all changed to a different colour because of the pen we used.
Mahati – In the science workshop, I enjoyed taking part in all of the activities, especially the part where we separated the colours. The results where unbelievable!
Zack – I enjoyed it when we had to look at all the colours that black ink was made from  also, when we mixed the chemicals.

5C History Workshops

All the children were engaged and excited by the History Workshops. They learnt a lot and all enjoyed the experiences provided. Mr Clifford.
History workshop quotes:
Jaleel – I enjoyed when we used the water to put out the pretend fire. As we were putting out the pretend fire Hitler came!
Mahati – In the history workshop the solutions for living and not dying were fascinating.  My favourite activity was sitting in the tunnel while writing things which were on the posters and with scary and spooky music. It was a real pleasure to join in.
Sam – I enjoyed doing all the activities that were planned for us. My favourite activity that we did was when we went outside to burst the hoses, it was really fun.
Yasmine – I enjoyed everything but my favourite part was when we had to pump the water and hit it at the target. I also loved the part when we were in the Anderson shelter and all of the war noises were being played in it. The best bit is that everyone enjoyed it!
Zack – I enjoyed it when we sprayed the water at the cone and then swapped so I could have a go. I also had fun when we defused the pretend fire bomb.

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 5P Space science week

Aasiyah and Nigel trying on the spacesuit. They were extremely excited and thrilled to have this opportunity.

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Book review written by Sameer Dhiman


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5P Urenco Science Workshops


The Science Workshop was a lot of fun for all children. They were all engaged throughout the session and were eager to find out how things worked and why certain things happened. The children were asking numerous science questions, showing their investigative side. There was a good variety of experiments that they had to carry out, all of which they really enjoyed. It was also nice for me, as the teacher, to see other ways we can teach certain aspects of science.

One child said (this really stood out): “WOW! I never thought this would happen! It has changed colour. Science is amazing!”

Miss Powell

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Martian Soils experiments


Year 5P took part in Science workshops led by our Space Ambassador. Here are the best photos from the martian soil experiment that 5P carried out. All the children were extremely engaged and enjoyed every moment, which I am sure you can gather from the photos taken!

Miss Powell.

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