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Zameer Azizi
Zameer Azizi
My name is zameer and I'm a student of marish and my favourite year 4 teacher is miss stroud because she makes us work hard
Bhupinder Chane
Bhupinder Chane
At pe
Milena Lewandowska
Milena Lewandowska
Former student at this school, I recommend anyone who wants to send their child to a good school to send them here. Homework system is great, along with timetable and staff is kind, and understanding. Taking my GCSEs soon, and I truly feel as if this school prepared me for my tests well, especially bug thanks to MS Donnelly, though I'm unsure if she's still on the staff team, I think she left.
Carmen La Borde
Carmen La Borde
I was a student there and the school is great and it's the best school.Think twice before checking another school so 4/5 is a reasonable rate and I'm sure most of the students agree.Make sure you 100% come to this primary school.
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Additional Feedback
I am writing to thank you and  give you my experience / feedback of Marish school. I have 4 children, 3 attend Marish and my last born will start later this year hopefully .
Generally like most parents we have very busy lives managing, work, home life and children and trying to keep a balance of it all. I would like to say a massive thank you to you and your great team of staff members at Marish for the help and support you give us. I never imagined that a school would have such an impact on our lives .
I am amazed by the efforts and dedication  given by the staff  to support and encourage my children to progress and and give them positive experiences of school life that they share with me. Thank you for being there for us as a family supporting us in any way you can.  I appreciate during covid when schools closed,  the phone calls and school work guidance we had and furthermore, to check we are doing ok.  In addition to that, supporting me in second lockdown where I had extra work commitments to get my nursing revalidation done and so the kids went to school . Office staff and teachers always so approachable and willing to help me as much as they can.
There was a day I was considering keeping my daughter off school because I was at work untill 6.30 pm, and some family members isolating at home and so my husband could not pick my daughter  from school  …..the office staff kindly  arranged 2 staff members to bring my daughter home! . Furthermore allowing my daughter to go after school club during the isolation period if I could not pick her on time due to work commitments .
Thank you for the confidence my children have been given through dance, reading and  encouraging them to meet their full potential in classwork .
Thank you for helping my daughter come out of her shell at nursery, helping my children to understand right from wrong, always greeting us with a smile and being so welcoming .
I am amazed how well the teachers actually know my children when I reed the school reports !.
I love the cards you get the children to make for example on mothers days ….gives touching  family moments .
Thank you to the lovely staff for giving me the time to talk ….even just about general day to day things .
Thank you for the love ,  dedication and patience you have for my children. 
A grateful working mum.